Regular Gel Bike Seat Cover (purple)

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– UNLIKE OTHER BIKE SEAT COVERS this one is safe and can be used at any level of cycling. With the high quality extra soft silicone gel inside and the non-adherent under surface, you will instantly feel comfort results unlike other cheap seat covers with lack of gel or slipping materials.

– NO MORE SLIP & SLIDE – Tired of struggling to keep your bike seat cover in one place? A common seat cushion can ruin your ride even more. WizMove gel seat cushion is provided with two high quality sticky silicone pads attached beneath, perfectly cut and designed to match your saddle, so it boosts your confidence and don’t have to worry again about skidding or even falling off your bicycle.

– PREMIUM COMFORT LEVEL – with over 200g of the best gel inside, we want to make sure that you experience the most enjoyable and comfortable long rides possible, leaving the pain as a bad memory. It’s perfect for Road, Mountain, Exercise, Stationary or Spinning class and is fits narrow and medium width seats, as the cover measures 11x7x1,5 inches.

– SECURED AND DURABLE DESIGN – thanks to the sticky silicone pads, adjustable rope and the sided straps, this bike cushion is designed not just for comfort, but for maximum safety as well. It becomes one with the saddle and it is highly preferred by our ‘dirty riding’ buyers. It also comes packed with an eye-catching Resistant Cover, perfect for rain, dust or sun protection.

– PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence. If anything happens to your seat cover in the first year of use, just let us know and you will have a 100% refund or a full replacement. Please, measure your seat before ordering.

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Choose smart

Do you know what’s sucky about regular bike seat covers? They just slide on top of your saddle and having them adjusted all the time while riding can be very annoying. WizMove seat cover just won’t move, skid or slide anywhere, due to its innovative silicone pads technology.

Effective and long lasting

The sticky feature of the silicone material is designed to last for years. If the seat cover is mounted/dismounted frequently, then just occasionally clean the silicone surface with clean water, let it dry, and the stickiness is as brand new.

How to mount

Just detach the sticky silicone pads protection, and place the seat cover over your existing bike seat, pull the back-end cord to tighten and tie the sided straps to maximal steadiness.

Waterproof cover included

As you deserve the best, our bike seat cover comes with a premium waterproof cover for the rainy days. Easy to take along, it keeps your seat dry when parking your bike outside.

Additional information


280*180*40 mm


340 g




Silicone GEL, Nylon

Other Features

High breathable, 3D aspect

6 reviews for Regular Gel Bike Seat Cover (purple)

  1. The Bear At Home

    Main feature is the sticky pads to hold the seat in place. Also it comes with a rainproof cover.
    Choice of colours and very comfortable, I’m told. Definitely recommend.

  2. Phoebe Hart

    Arrived quickly, good quality and really padded… spin classes are going to be much more enjoyable now!!!

  3. Tes2517

    Great seat arrived quickly and has been a life/bottom saver. Very comfortable and doesn’t slip or move around.

  4. Lady of Literature

    Very comfortable and fits RPM bike saddle at the gym, which my previous saddle cover didn’t. Lovely purple colour. Recommend.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great Product. Non-Slip

  6. julia king

    To small, returned.

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