Why a Padded Seat?

Maximize your saddle comfort and enjoy cycling more.


We bet you know riding a bike is proven stress releaser. Plus, being out on your bike is flat-out fun. Although, saddle comfort can be the deciding factor between an enjoyable ride or a miserable one. An uncomfortable saddle can lead to neck and back pain and can totally alter how your whole bike feels.

Given that, WizMove is dedicated to helping cyclists stay on track and achieve their very goals, so we developed the most efficient bicycle gel seat cover. Manufactured at highest standards, beautifully designed and very easy to use, its purpose is to make your ride extremely comfortable and always let you reach your destination.


An uncomfortable seat could be the biggest determination and confidence killer. And let’s face it, you can’t really change the saddle at your cycling class and padded bike pants are uncomfortable to put on/off. That’s why putting a seat cover on/off takes seconds and it’s a great easy to use alternative that you can carry inside your bag and use it whenever you want.

You should not give up your passion or your training goals because you feel uncomfortable on your bike! Even if you haven’t been on a bike for quite some time now or you are recovering from an injury, a bike seat cover might the perfect help to get you on track faster.

Do you know what’s sucky about regular bike seat covers? They just slide on top of your saddle and having them adjusted all the time while riding can be very annoying. WizMove seat cover just won’t move, skid or slide anywhere, due to its innovative silicone pads technology.

 It was designed to boost your confidence and not having to worry about skidding or even falling off your bicycle. Quick to install it literally becomes one with the saddle. 


So get out there and try it! Whether it’s relaxing long ride, commuting or indoor cycling, a bike seat cover offers a great opportunity for cyclists to explore more, while enjoying the sweet, sweet joy of the ride.